Cars Are For SINGING

Pleased to report that so far most of the beta reader notes I’ve gotten so far are threats of loss of friendship if anything bad happens to the side characters, which is really the ultimate goal of anyone writing side characters.

I’m preparing to start book four and Secret Other Manuscript (SOM) but mostly I’ve been traveling around for weddings and family gatherings this month, which has given me plenty of time to contemplate what music I never need to hear again.

When you’re driving around, and your car has decided that your phone is “an accessory” that it just will not recognize, you try to make friends with the local radio stations. So, first, a tip of the hat to Boston, which not only seems to have the greatest quantity of stations, but also the greatest assortment!

And a big, stern frown to New York City, where I guess everyone has cars that don’t think they’re too snooty for their phones and no one listens to the radio.

Okay, here are the songs I never need to hear again:

Pour Some Sugar On Me – Only if it’s molten, and you won’t take a hint, Def Leppard.

Rock and Roll All Night – I mean, it’s hokey, isn’t it? KISS isn’t doing anything all night anymore are they? Maybe getting up to pee.

Old Time Rock and Roll – I say this as a Seger fan, but no one, and I mean no one, misses “old time rock and roll” SO MUCH that they’d rather listen to a song talking about how old it is rather than, you know, the rock and roll we miss.

All songs by Sublime – I don’t practice Santeria, but if Love Is All I’ve Got, it’s really The Wrong Way, I think.

Dude Looks Like A Lady – They have so many songs, and have done some great things, do we really need to play the transphobic one?

Forever Young – No thanks! Is there a “forever pain free” song though? Young is a lot of effort, I just don’t like injuring myself sneezing.

Come On Feel the Noize – Feel it? I don’t even want to hear it!

Image result for singing in the car

Newer songs than this, please!

And honorable mention, I’d like to hear different songs by Sting & the Police and Bon Jovi. I can’t be sure, since I’ve never heard them, but I have a strong suspicion that they each have more than 4 songs they play? I’m guessing?

What music do you never need to hear again?



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